New generation of traffic sign posts and structures, CE approved
One profile for most road traffic sign posts and structures
Passive safety traffic posts and structures
EN 12899-1, EN 12 767, CE approved

PROLIFE ® is WIMED’s innovative and fully certified product range for single and multi post traffic sign constructions made according to EU profil-prolifeNorm EN 12 899-1 that provides passive road safety according EU  Norm EN 12 767. Unlike traditional steel tubes, PROLIFE ® is made of one type of cold formed galvanized “U” shaped profiles which simplifies production and minimizes logistic efforts and costs. The gap between the reversed ends facilities signs fixing. An optional application of a prolife insert (reflective or non reflective) or a modular connection additionally strengthens the structure of the post.

The system  was developed by the WIMED Technical Section in co-operation with:

  • TU GRAZ Vehicle Safety Institute
  • Warsaw University of Technology
  • Cracow University of Technology
  • Institute of Court Expert Opinions in Cracow.

The final crash tests  were carried out in TUV Rheinland TNO in the Netherlands


System key characteristics

  • Compared to standard sign posts of round cross-section, PROLIFE is characterized with higher resistance to wind;
  • Universal nature of the system allows assembly of signs of any type;
  • One profile makes it possible to produce the hole family of structures;
  • An interesting, open cross-section may prove to be of use in many other projects;
  • The system is produced based on steel elements and as such it is much cheaper than other secure solutions that are most often made of aluminium or composite materials;
  • The system doesn’t require any additional securities in the form of a protective barriers;
  • As the structure is light, it might be assembled without using any heavy equipment;
  • Open grating structure leaves better sighting for drivers.