About our company

Our business at a glance

  • WIMED carries out comprehensive supplies and installation of Traffic Safety Equipment for road administration, offices and road companies.
  • WIMED – pursues the objectives and priorities of the program GAMBIT 2005 such as: reducing the consequences of accidents and improving the unambiguity and legibility of road markings.
  • WIMED implements the results of research programs RISER, ROSBUD, AUTOSTRADOS and others in its comprehensive solutions, offers products with passive safety features that meet the requirements of PN-EN 12899-1, PN-EN 12767, PN-EN 1317, PN-EN 12966 and others.
  • Owing to an innovative, dynamic and creative approach to the challenges of the market, WIMED has become a competitive company. It attaches great importance to product quality while simultaneously offering attractive price and fast execution of orders.
  • WIMED has implemented a quality management system that complies with the following standards: PN-EN ISO 9001: 2001 and PN-EN 18001: 2004: Occupational health and safety management.

History of the company

WIMED came into existence on 28 March 1988 i.e. on the day when Zdzisław Dąbczyński gained entry into the business register. The initial name of the company was: Wykonywanie i Montaż Elementów Drogowych (Production and Installation of Road Elements). The current name of the company (WIMED) was created based on the first letters of the words in the former name.

At that time, the seat of the plant and a production hall was a wooden shed located next to  owner’s house, where he worked with the first employed workers and his family.

Within the next 20 years a lot has changed. WIMED repeatedly changed location, the company has been expanding and evolving in order to adapt to the market conditions and in response to customer needs. Throughout its entire history we have never escaped from difficult topics and tasks which sometimes other companies were not able to take up.

Many years’ care for the high quality of products was confirmed by awarding the Polish Promotional Emblem “Teraz Polska” (in April 1995 WIMED was the winner of the fifth edition of the competition for the reflective road signs). The granted awards and prizes (Leader of Entrepreneurship, Fair Play Company, Krakowski Dukat and others) proves reliability and responsible work of the Company.

During all those years of WIMED’s activity, the company has been recognized as a manufacturer that had always searched, produced and offered the best products in the field of road safety. Thus began our cooperation with the Norwegian company JURALCO, a manufacturer of structures with passive safety features LATTIX and the American company TRINITY offering, among others, TRACC crash cushions, safe endings of road barriers EURO-ET and rope barriers CASS. Currently, WIMED develops its own system of safe structures named PROLIFE whose main purpose is to reduce the consequences of accidents resulting from the collision with support structures of road signs and boards.

With the arrival of the year 2007, a period full of changes started for us. During this time WIMED began to develop its branch offices (in the first place: Szczecin, Gdańsk, Warsaw) and, after many years of operation as a one-man business,  the company splitted into new, completely independent entities:

  • WIMED Oznakowanie Dróg Sp. z o.o. – it took over the whole production, trade and service activities
  • WIMARK – responsible for horizontal road markings, specialized in technology of spraying chemically bonded paints.
  • Zakład Produkcji Znaków Drogowych WIMED Zdzisław Dąbczyński (Road Sign Production Plant) is an entity that is engaged in the research and development processes.

Today, WIMED is one of the most recognizable companies, both in Poland and Europe, offering road marking and road traffic safety equipment. As a group of companies, we have modern equipment and employ nearly two hundred qualified and experienced workers. We are continually expanding and investing in know-how and machinery, constantly adapting to your needs and offering innovative and unique solutions in the world market, in order to improve safety of all road users.

“We are constantly improving our activities, to each day be better than which we were yesterday”.

Inviting to cooperation,

WIMED team.